" .. your strategic partner in for all tooling services"
Play it safe worldwide! The world is becoming increasingly smaller, the markets are continually moving closer together. LEUCO has had a worldwide presence for a long time just for this reason. LEUCO offers professional advice and service for its products everywhere, especially here in
Over 150 service stations worldwide:
offers a large service network, which is there for you at all times with trained employees.

Sharpening of all cutting tools:
Whether you use tools made of HSS, Stellite, Tungsten Carbide or Diamond.

Tools are ready for use in the shortest possible time:
If you require it we can sharpen in the shortest lead time.

Works trained specialists: Your contacts are always qualified specialist personnel.
Strict final controls of every tool: All serviced, reconditioned and modified tools are checked in detail before they leave our premises.
Certified Quality Standards: All LEUCO service centres meet the ISO 9001 norm.
LEUCO Consultation & Design LEUCO Sharpening Service   LEUCO Modifications
Troubleshooting & Training
"Tools sharpened by LEUCO are again as good as new-cut for cut." "Collection and return service - free of charge in designated area"
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